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My internist, Dra. Joan Singidas, gave me this list before I underwent a gallbladder removal through lap chole (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) surgery. The list of foods to avoid and foods to include.She told me to just avoid the foods in the foods to avoid column and observe within one week if would experience again another gallstone attack. That was Sept. 15, 2009. Foods for person with no gallbladder - Life Without ...

Gallbladder cancer is cancer that begins in the gallbladder. Your gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ on the right side of your abdomen, just beneath your liver. Gallbladder cancer - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

When it comes to the effects of exercise on depression, aerobic exercise, such as running and swimming, has been much more extensively researched than anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting. 13 Benefits of Weightlifting That No One Tells You About ...

Shortness of breath has many causes affecting either the breathing passages and lungs or the heart or blood vessels. An average 150-pound (70 kilogram) adult will breathe at an average rate of 14 breaths per minute at rest. Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea): Check Your Symptoms and Signs

A hernia occurs when the contents of a body cavity bulge out of the area where they are normally contained. These contents, usually portions of intestine or abdominal fatty tissue, are enclosed in the thin membrane that naturally lines the inside of the cavity. Hernia Types, Symptoms (Pain), and Surgery

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Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves to the left or right, creating a C- or S-shaped curve. Symptoms usually appear at the age of 10-12, but sometimes babies show signs of scoliosis. Scoliosis: Treatment, symptoms, and causes - Health News

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Mempunyai tubuh yang indah membuat banyak orang menyangka Nova Eliza masih seorang gadis. Tapi sebetulnya, Nova adalah seorang janda beranak satu. 10 Artis Janda Paling Cantik di Indonesia | Paling Seru

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