Idiot Has Greek Roots. The Greek adjective idios means “one’s own” or “private.” The derivative noun idiōtēs means “private person.” A Greek idiōtēs was a person who was not in the public eye, who held no public office. From this came the sense “common man,” and later “ignorant person”—a natural extension, for the common people of ancient Greece were not, in general ... Idiot | Definition of Idiot by Merriam-Webster

Idiot was formerly a legal and psychiatric category of profound intellectual disability in which a person's mental age is two years or less, and he or she cannot guard against common dangers. Along with terms like moron, imbecile, and cretin, the term is now archaic and offensive, and was replaced by the term "profound mental retardation" (which has itself since been replaced by other terms). Idiot - Wikipedia

Idiot Rules. These are the rules that I have always used playing Idiot. There are many variations possible, so this might not be exactly how you are used to playing the game. Idiot | Play it online

Idiot definition, an utterly foolish or senseless person: If you think you can wear that outfit to a job interview and get hired, you're an idiot! See more. Idiot | Definition of Idiot at

(derogatory) A person of low general intelligence.· (derogatory) A person who makes stupid decisions; a fool.· (obsolete, medicine, psychology) A person of the lowest intellectual standing, a person who lacks the capacity to develop beyond the mental age of a normal four-year-old; a person with an IQ below 30.·(uncommon) idiotic, stupid idiot - Wiktionary

idiot [id´e-ot] old term for profound mental retardation, now considered offensive. idiot savant a person who is generally mentally retarded, yet has a particular mental faculty developed to an unusually high degree, such as for mathematics or music. idiot /id·i·ot/ (id´e-it) obsolete, offensive name for a person with profound mental retardation ... Idiot | definition of idiot by Medical dictionary

Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! babbling idiot A person who talks excessively without making sense or saying anything of importance, sarcastically and derogatorily likened to someone with a mental deficiency. Maurice just rattled on and on like a babbling idiot last night about his schemes to get ... Idiot - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's fine after 'idiot' kicked him in the back at event. Arnold Schwarzenegger says there's "nothing to worry about" after a video of him getting kicked in the back went ... Arnold Schwarzenegger gets kicked in back by 'idiot' in ...

The Idiot (pre-reform Russian: Идіотъ; post-reform Russian: Идиот, tr. Idiót) is a novel by the 19th-century Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky.It was first published serially in the journal The Russian Messenger in 1868–69.. The title is an ironic reference to the central character of the novel, Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin, a young man whose goodness, open-hearted simplicity ... The Idiot - Wikipedia

I would never call you a moron, or even an imbecile for that matter. That wouldn't be right! I know you are an idiot. Urban Dictionary: idiot

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