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RHEA Mar 01 2019 8:57 pm Kim jung hyun. You are my very first Oppa. ️There are good actors out there, but this was the first time i had a crush on K-Actors.. Not just because of your pretty face, what i loved the most is your acting. Kim Jung-Hyun (1990) - AsianWiki

Kim Jung-Hyun is a South Korean actor (born April 5, 1990). Kim Jung-Hyun is a South Korean actor (born June 28, 1976). Kim Jung-Hyun is a South Korean director (KBS drama series). Kim Jung-Hyun is a South Korean director (drama series ... Kim Jung-Hyun (disambiguation) - AsianWiki

Lee Jung-hyun (born February 7, 1980), also known by her occasional stage name Ava, is a South Korean pop singer and actress.She was first recognized for her acting abilities with award-winning role in her first film and has been solidified as one of the top international acts from South Korea with her illustrious singing career. Lee Jung-hyun - Wikipedia

Lim Kim (born Kim Ye-rim; Hangul: 김예림; Hanja: 金藝琳 on January 21, 1994) is a South Korean singer and a member of the band Togeworl with Do Dae-yoon. She competed in the Superstar K3 singing competition as a member of Togeworl, placing third. In 2013 Kim debuted as a solo singer, and is known for the song "All Right." She left MYSTIC Entertainment after her contract ended in 2016. Lim Kim - Wikipedia

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PhD; AHN Young Jung; BANG Ki Seok; HAN Keun Hee; KANG Mi Young; KIM Hyun Seok; KIM Il Gon; KIM Jin Hyun; LEE Song Hee; MIN Hyun Seok; PARK Jun Kil; RYU Gab Sang; SHIN Young Nyuo Members - TnFM Lab

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Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul. What is better than one girl in bed? How about two . The duo of Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul make a return for the Nikon D3100 launch event. Cute Girl - Asian Girl - Hot Girl - Beauiful Girl - Korean ...

Korea's R&B diva Park Jung-hyun, aka Lena Park, and her five challengers sing her songs, "I'll Write You a Letter," "My Day," "In a Dream" and more. Hidden Singer | Netflix

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