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Sir William Henry Perkin, FRS (12 March 1838 – 14 July 1907) was a British chemist and entrepreneur best known for his serendipitous discovery of the first synthetic organic dye, mauveine, made from aniline.Though he failed in trying to synthesise quinine for the treatment of malaria, he became successful in the field of dyes after his first discovery at the age of 18. William Henry Perkin - Wikipedia

The Google Doodle on Monday featured British chemist Sir William Henry Perkin on his 180th birth anniversary. Perkin discovered the first synthetic dye, known as mauveine. Born on March 12, 1838 ... Who is Sir William Henry Perkin? - The Hindu

Born in England on March 12th, 1838, chemist Sir William Henry Perkin accidentally discovered “mauveine,” the first synthetic dye. As an 18-year-old laboratory assistant, Perkin was cleaning ... Sir William Henry Perkin’s 180th Birthday -

Until the mid-1800s, purple clothing was difficult to come by and limited to those who could afford the expensive fabrics. That is, until Sir William Henry Perkin accidentally discovered aniline ... Sir William Henry Perkin Google Doodle: 8 Facts About ...

Private life. Born at Lytham, Lancashire, Sir William was the younger son of Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley. In 1465 he married Joan, daughter of John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont, and widow of John, Lord Lovel.He married secondly, c.1471, Elizabeth Hopton, daughter of Thomas Hopton with whom he had a daughter, Jane Stanley. William Stanley (Battle of Bosworth) - Wikipedia

Edward COURTENAY (9° E. Devon) Died: BEF 27 May 1509. Notes: Knight of the Garter.MP. A loyalist of the House of Tudor, he fought alongside Henry VII at Bosworth and had been one of his original companions in France. There he went to pay homage to the future King of the Lancastrian affinity to which he adhered. Edward was particularly opposed to Richard III, and as such sought the patronage ... COURTENAY1 - Tudor Place

JANE SEYMOUR, the third consort of Henry the Eighth, was the eldest daughter of Sir John Seymour, or Wolf Hall, Wilts, and Margaret, daughter of Sir John Wentworth, of Nettlestead in Suffolk.The Seymours, a Norman family, came to England with William the Conqueror, and increased their wealth and influence by alliances with rich heiresses of noble blood. Queen Jane Seymour (c.1509-1537) [Tudors: Six Wives of ...

John STRANGEWAYS of Melbury Sampford (Sir) Born: 1584. Died: 1666, Melbury, Dorset, England. Father: John STRANGEWAYS of Melbury Sampford (Sir) Mother: Dorothy THYNNE Married 1: Grace TRENCHARD (b. 1583 - d. 1652) (dau. of Sir George Trenchard of Woolverton and Anne Speke) Children: 1. Wadham STRANGEWAYS STRANGEWAYS - Tudor Place

Today’s post is a guest article by Sandra Worth acclaimed author of five books chronicling the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty in England. Sandra holds an honours B.A in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto and is a frequent lecturer on the Wars of the Roses. Sandra’s ... Uncovering the Mystery of Perkin Warbeck by Sandra Worth

The Hans Holbein Foundation resource centre for research and development. Vol. V, No. 3., August 2004. HOLBEIN, SIR THOMAS MORE & THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER HOLBEIN, SIR THOMAS MORE & THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER

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