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John Griggs Thompson (born October 13, 1932) is a mathematician at the University of Florida noted for his work in the field of finite groups.He was awarded the Fields Medal in 1970, the Wolf Prize in 1992 and the 2008 Abel Prize John G. Thompson - Wikipedia

Peter David Lax (born 1 May 1926) is a Hungarian-born American mathematician working in the areas of pure and applied mathematics.He has made important contributions to integrable systems, fluid dynamics and shock waves, solitonic physics, hyperbolic conservation laws, and mathematical and scientific computing, among other fields. Peter Lax - Wikipedia

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Kebaya Anne Avantie Terbaru Dan Modern

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...Kebaya Anne Avantie Terbaru Dan Modern 2013 Pasangan selebriti seperti Bunga Citra Lestari dan Ashraf, Donna Agnesia dan Darius Sinathrya serta Anna Maria dan Roy Marten ikut berlenggang di atas runway sambil memamerkan kebaya pasangan rancangan Anne Avantie. Anna Maria tampak cantik mengenakan kebaya berwarna merah yang disesuaikan dengan...